ACADEMY FOR CHILDREN: Explore the nature with Summer Fest

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Monday, August 15, 2022

Summer camp in Summer Fest / Summer Outdoor Academy for children aged 6 to 11 years old

Do you want an interesting and productive summer in the fresh air for your child?

This year, you can become part of the first-ever STEAM Summer Outdoor Academy.

Through STEM methodology, students take part in experiments, they are encouraged to share ideas and contribute to the development of group projects aimed at exploring the world around them. This allows children to understand the connections between the subjects they study at school. To answer questions such as “Why do I need this knowledge?”, “Where will I use what I learn?”.

Our program before lunchtime includes 9 independent themed weeks, each dedicated to programming games, interactive storytelling and programming robot behavior, and in the afternoons the children will have fun and gain new knowledge in themed weekly workshops, based on STEM training and play logic games. Of course, we have also set aside time for sports and well-deserved free play at the end of the day. During the activities, participants will explore, study, experiment and invent on the respective weekly theme.

Summer Camp will be held Monday through Friday and will offer a full-day participation format during the months of July and August of Summer 2022 from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.  The Summer Academy is suitable for children aged 6 to 11 years old who will be split into age groups.

Explore the nature with Summer Fest | 15 – 19 August

A week dedicated to exploring the nature around us. During this week the children will learn a lot about the animal and plant world, they will learn what compost is and the role of nature in our lives as well as plant trees themselves. All this will happen in a fun and interactive way, thanks to the games and projects we have prepared.

Monday: Save the world from fires with Minecraft: Education Edition. What is compost – a guide for beginner composters.
Tuesday: Creating 3D animations and games. Mission: explore and feel the nature. Which and how many senses humans and animals have, how to use them and feel nature through them.
Wednesday: Mission: Save the planet with Dash and Dot robots. The role of bees in nature.
Thursday: Secret mission: Hi-tech nature explorers. Game- use your senses and guess!
Friday: Science experiment – How to make a soil moisture sensor with micro:bit. Talk – ways to protect the environment!

Give your child an unforgettable adventure this summer!

Places are limited, reserve your place now by calling 0896353087 or filling in the form below:

Sofia Summer Fest is supported by Sofia Municipality, Ministry of Culture, National Culture Fund, Triaditsa District, Lenovo, Bulgarian Sports Totalizator, Pepsi, Dolce Gusto,, Vivacom and Birotherapy.

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