Thursday, September 22, 2022

How did the first planets, the first black holes and the first women in the universe come to be…?
After the successful concert-performance “God Rock” the frontman of the band “Ginger” Philip Avramov will give you the answers in his new show “Bai Rock”, which will once again rock with music and lots of laughter!

Based on an idea and text by Philip Avramov
Music and lyrics by the band “Ginger”
Starring Philip Avramov, Kalin Velov, Tsvetan Andreev and Mariana Dobreva-Veleva
Producer: Feri Art

Space news!
A long-awaited continuation of the musical theatre show “God Rock” and its phenomenal frontman Philip Avramov in an explosion of all original pieces and folk motifs with rock arrangements! He manages to bring together in one place – in himself – all the psychiatric patients who have a sanitary frenzy by uniting them in a spectacular concert-performance So, finally after 40,000 years, the band “Gingerbread” , fronted by this star comedian, comes together to play, play and sing the reasons for the appearance of the first planets, the first black holes and, consequently, the first women in the universe!

One thing’s for sure – all those bored will go to hell, because during the show, a trip to the Mariana Trench will be arranged for the audience, as well as other stops in the universe, and spectators will be able to buy a ring from Jupiter, or take an active part in the Brigade’s Himalayan movement. Most importantly, they will answer the following questions: what is the relationship of the solar system and the Sun? What are the benefits of learning about the neutron? What music was played at the baptism of Apollo? And why, when you say you are the first man, are you first laughed at, then beaten?

A true guide to the Big Bang, through the big laugh, with great music and unbridled hilarity. Or as a spectator who survived the show says, “Lele, it was spectacular!”

The show is supported by the Ministry of Culture.

Sofia Summer Fest is supported by Sofia Municipality, Ministry of Culture, National Culture Fund, Triaditsa District, Lenovo, Bulgarian Sports Totalizator, Pepsi, Dolce Gusto,, Vivacom and Birotherapy.

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