Thursday, August 4, 2022

Stoycho Kerev presents – Deceptive Reality – film

Screening and meeting conversation with audience

What is the world we live in?

Do we determine our own destiny? Is the world’s population intentionally becoming more illiterate? Why are delusions about our history gaining strength? What alphabet are we writing in?

These and other profound questions are posed by “Deceptive Reality”, the new expanded film by producer Stoycho Kerev.

This is a film in which viewers will discover hidden codes and messages. A film that challenges people to think.

About the information called official, about the lost knowledge, about our letters told wrong. Why is history presented to us with a serious dose of poison?

And do we know the present, do we differentiate between real and deceptive reality?


Director: Stoycho Kerev

Starring Lachezar Filippov, Boyko Rangelov, Veselina Vachkova, Dimitar Nedkov, Alexander Dimitrov, Yordan Kamdzhalov and Stefan Moskov – Teddy
Public Relations: Radi Georgiev
Music: Kiril Dobrev – Jeng Studio
Audio Network – Redox Effect
Producer: ARK – Bulgaria

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