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She is a psychologist, he is a lawyer. They are a couple as much in love as they are superstitious. One night they swear to be faithful to each other for ten years, for the sake of their children.
Time is passing and the end of this “term of fidelity” is approaching. And with it comes the moment of truth – how much does it weigh to say “I swear”? As they prepare to cross this long-awaited milestone and demonstrate a clear conscience, morality and decency, the doubt of both of them begins to show more and more. Breaking morality in their own way, the couple enters a spiral of lies from which it is almost impossible to get out.

Salomé Lelouch’s new play Do You Swear by the Children? takes us into situations that are as intractable as they are real. Because they are part of the reality of romantic relationships today. The main roles are played by Vesela Babinova and Vladimir Zombori, who are also a couple off the stage. The cast is completed by Lidiya Vasileva and Daniel Kukushev. The director is Chris Sharkov, and the scenographer is Vanina Tsandeva.

After the success of “Don’t say that!” with Teodora Duchovnikova and Zahari Baharov, this is the second play by the French author Salomé Lelouch to appear on the Bulgarian theater stage. The comedy excites with its topicality and with its spicy sense of humor. The text is unpredictable, intriguing, and the actors compete in an endless battle of small secrets and big lies.

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