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“DO NOT SAY THAT” with Zachary Baharov and Teodora Duhovnikova

What can we say? When? In what way? Under what circumstances?
Although we take for granted that speech is free, there are things that can no longer be said. Especially in the relationship between man and woman.

However, they tell each other everything. Two characters with hellish personalities. He is without scruples, provoking and he doesn’t keep quiet. She is without filter, sassy and haughty. They love each other but spend most of their time arguing and contradicting. Money, politics, plastic surgery, social networking… The topics are endless, as is the arguing, because no one backs down from their position.

They are Teodora Duhovnikova and Zachary Baharov and under the direction of Yavor Gardev they “put together” on the theatre stage “Don’t say that!”. The French play by Salomé Lelouch has three nominations for the 2022 Molière Award (Best Comedy; Best Actor in a Private Theatre; Best Author).
“Don’t Say That!” is a comedy of dialogues in a free and unconventional tone. The lines are sharp, but funny at the same time… Because they’re true. And because they are present in the life of every married couple.

“Don’t say that!” (original title: Fallait pas le dire !)
Author: Salomé Lelouch
Participants: Teodora Duchovnikova and Zahari Baharov
Director: Yavor Gardev
Scenography: Svila Velichkova
Translation: Snezhina Zdravkova
Sound design: Gennadiy Ivanov
Lighting design: Stefan N. Shterev

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