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Emil Markov and Kerana in Stefan Vogel’s play
Every first Wednesday
Normal people for normal $ex

A beautiful but dangerous girl with a keen but overripe man – and now you’re laughing! She’s not a prostitute. He’s not a sex maniac. But they make a deal – “I pay you, and you give me your body.” Neither of them is ready for what’s about to happen.
The dangerous girl and the overripe man “put everything on the table” – money, sex, fears, dreams. No remorse and no excuses! Unrestrained reactions, mutual provocations, unpredictable consequences. And you’re getting funnier.
Imperceptibly the two reach beyond the notions of moral and immoral, right and wrong. And all because of the inexplicable desire to touch each other for real. And it’s not just funny anymore.
Laughter and tears, tenderness and anger! Wait, maybe it’s about love? Unacceptable and impossible? If so, will they recognize it?

The indomitable Kerana for the first time on a theatre stage! She is brave and loves to dive into the deep. She has never acted in a play before. However, she immediately accepts Emile Markov’s offer to take part in his production because she really likes the text and the interpretation that Emile offers her. And he decided to invite her because of her passion, dedication and charisma when she was on stage with her band KERANA & KOSMONAVTITE. And also because, like the characters in the play, they are two very different people from different generations who it’s hard to imagine could have anything in common.

Emil Markov and Kerana – an unexpected tandem!

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