Tuesday, August 6, 2024

There are weeks when the only meaning is the anticipation of Friday night. There are days that pass entirely in its planning. There are people for whom Friday night has the status of a religious holiday.
But there are not a few who can celebrate it only in their wildest dreams. Such as dads, for example. Four young men, who are increasingly rarely given the chance to enjoy themselves, tell us how a Friday night can go by, taking on different roles. They show us which is the right key and which is the right door, and then demonstrate how a Friday night binge can mess up the puzzle. We are led to a dream ending to the evening, but entering the toilet abruptly changes everything.
They reveal to us exactly how many times the preparation time must exceed the length of the party itself. We are immersed in a fragmented world that elevates the cult of the longing for over-experience. Because life is only lived once.

This production is suitable for ages 16 and up.

Friday night
Original performance
Actors: Pavel Ivanov, Stoyan Doichev, Filip Bukov, Hristo Padev
Director: Ivaylo Nenov
Authors: Vanya Georgieva, Nikolay Angelov and another chamber of Batkov citizens
Scenographer: Teodor Kiryakov
Composer: Alexander Deyanov – Skiller
Choreographer: Alexander Mandzhukov

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