За деца
Sunday, September 25, 2022

FUNNY is a story about the Scary, where the Funny and the Serious are playing around so much that it becomes difficult to recognize who is who?

The People, the Dog, the Tree, the Sun, the Moon, the Dragon, the Little Storm, the Mountain with the River, the Butterfly and …a little girl- characters in the Big and the Little- all willingly help the story in the most important way- they make the Imagination jump, move, fly… Because at the end of the show, everyone will get a magical opportunity to… take their step into a world where All Together with Joy Create.

40 min. is the part that is presented by the actor. The finale of the show includes creative participation of the audience- drawing, making puppets…This part can be called free and the duration depends on the participants.

Author’s performance by Petya Nedeva
Music- Petya Nedeva
Poster- Iva Gikova

The performance is supported by the National Culture Fund.

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