Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Script and staging:
Elena Nacheva

Original music for the show and performance:
Andrei Cholakov and Georgi Chris Lafazanov

Annotation by ELENA NACHEVA: “Laughter is not dangerous for your health! Laughter overcomes everything, even Stupidity… Stupidity is curable. Its shaggy varieties such as arrogance, pride, conceit, self-love, self-aggrandizement, frivolity, and our arrogant passions – also. Ask the other cured…

We promise you a Belly Laugh! As many as you can take! Every Crossword of life has at least one smiley solution, but therefore hides countless smiley ones.

A graphic lesson in why you don’t sell to a Krastyuvichar Krastyuvitsove. And why one doesn’t invite guests to someone else’s soiree on one’s own behalf without a self-ironic willingness to foot the bill and the price.

An open wink as to why a pilot isn’t taught how to pilot a helicopter based on our years of experience riding the helicopter carousel. Big laugh! Laughter is a powerful wordless prayer and blessing! Laughter is a panacea for avoiding any problem.
Suitable entertainment for people turning their sense of humor on “active” mode.

A special laughter therapy for all of you, dear friends and fans of laughter!” – ELENA NACHEVA

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