За деца
Saturday, September 24, 2022

An original puppet show by Petya Nedeva, in which the characters come from the musical world. The main character Dodo Resol is a diver – a discoverer of forgotten tones.
In the endless Ocean of Sounds live the numerous descendants of two great families – the descendants of Tone and the descendants of Noise. Where is this Ocean?- In the Great Silence, of course-just a step from Where All Things Spring.

One day, however, Dodo Resol cannot visit the Ocean of Sounds, but must be sure to find the forgotten song of a dolphin in distress. Dodo doesn’t find the “most important thing” he enters the Ocean with. What is it? Who will help him?

And as it happens in life, at such a moment you meet Someone who has the key or knows the way. For Dodo, it’s Musicality- funny, joyful, quirky, coming from Musicality and very willing to help- only in a hurry.
Rhythmcho, Mr. Metronome are some of the friends Musical will include in the adventure. A whole flock of notes will try to help. Will they succeed?

The performance is interactive. The audience joins in to save the dolphin’s song along with Dodo. Everyone makes music and so imperceptibly the world of Music becomes so close, quite like touching it with your hand.

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