Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Directed by Elin Rahnev
Scenography by Anelia Raykova
Music by Georgi Georgiev
Starring: Dimitar Banenkin, Toncho Tokmakchiev, Maya Bezhanska, Nikoleta Malcheva, Dobriela Popova, Stelian Nikolov, Emanuil Kostadinov and Dimitar Kovachev-Funky

Living or pretending… Dreaming or just sleeping… Is there a difference between up and down…

The “carriage” is prepared, the horses are harnessed. Dimitar Banenkin, Tochno Tokmachkchiev, Maya Bezhanska, Nikoleta Malcheva, Dobriela Popova, Steliyan Nikolov and Emanuil Kostadinov will make you sleep on the ground and walk on the sky. A journey awaits you where all dreams are reality. This journey is not for everyone, but only for a select few, for the very lucky,” says Funky – better known in recent months as Mr. Raztsentnikov, owner of “The Merry Carriage”.

Anyone who doesn’t get on the “Carriage” , will lose part of their dreams. Anyone who has been in it will have them in excess. The laughter is up to blue, and the tear is stuck after the pupils…

But, in fact, life is one big casino. And everyone chooses the color to bet on. And whatever happens!

Sofia Summer Fest is supported by Sofia Municipality, Ministry of Culture, National Culture Fund, Triaditsa District, Lenovo, Bulgarian Sports Totalizator, Pepsi, Dolce Gusto,, Vivacom and Birotherapy.

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