Friday, August 2, 2024

Lilia Maraviglia, Silvia Petkova, Emil Markov and Ivan Barnev enter into a stormy relationship “neighborly” in the new comedy “The Neighbors from Above”.

An adaptation of the hit Spanish film by Cesc Gay

Ana and Julio have been together for years. However, time and routine have driven them visibly and irreversibly apart. They don’t look at each other, they don’t touch each other, and conflicts between them have become the norm.
Until they move into a new apartment… An apartment where they can constantly hear screams and moans from upstairs. Maybe out of jealousy, maybe out of envy and a longing for a spicier life, but these sounds become the subject of constant arguments between Ana and Julio.
Without warning her husband, Ana invites the upstairs neighbors to visit so they can get to know each other and become friends. Julio insists on giving them a note about the noise, but Ana doesn’t want to bother them.
The evening turns into a comical clash between the sexual promiscuity of the upstairs neighbours and Julio and Ana’s ‘standard’ way of socialising and living. The two face a serious test as the upstairs neighbours blow up their world.
An emotional storm of mutual recriminations erupts, in which hidden grievances and repressed desires come to light. Tonight, the neighbours will become both the inspiration and the victims of an emotional tsunami triggered by an unusually daring and surprising proposal.
How to move on after such a “loud” evening – that is the question facing Ana and Julio!

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