Monday, August 15, 2022

Join Bashar Rahal and Niki Iliev for an evening of screenings of “Reunion” and “Reunion 2”

“Reunion” – BGN 14
“Reunion 2” – BGN 14
Both films – BGN 20


Exactly 25 years after Bulgaria’s memorable soccer summer of ’94, three friends return home from all over the world to help another childhood friend save their hometown. Alex must convince his cousin Branimir not to turn his back on their grandfather’s legacy by tearing down the family home and building a modern business building in its place. The only way to do that is for the childhood friends to reunite and beat Branimir’s professional team in the city marathon. The task proves extremely difficult, and a series of crazy incidents and absurd obstacles put their long-standing friendship to the test.

Starring: Bashar Rahal, Nikolay Iliev, Boyko Krystanov, Dilyana Popova and others.

Director and screenwriter: Nikolay Iliev

“Return 2”

The sequel to the “most watched Bulgarian film of 2019” again takes us on a walk through the cobbled streets of Plovdiv, but also stops by the Black Sea coast, where several postcard views and the plot’s climax await – a beautiful wild beach, whose preservation becomes the new cause of the familiar quartet Deyan-Viktar-Alex-Acho and their former enemy and current comrade Branimir. The means to save the idyllic spot depend on the future success of the film that Acho is about to make, not having the faintest notion of cinema, but his friends are always there for him – especially when it comes to family misunderstandings, revisiting old love triangles or giving rise to a new generation of dramas.

Directed by Nikolay Iliev
Script: Nikolay Iliev and Bashar Rahal
Starring: Alexander Kadiev, Niki Iliev, Bashar Rahal, Orlin Pavlov, Boyko Krystanov, Evelin Kostova, Rayna Karayaneva, Dilyana Popova, Chloe Rahal

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