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What’s the worst thing you can find out about an online friend coming to visit you for a week?
Peter (Vladimir Zombori) and Debbie Lindell (Anelia Lutsinova), a normal, working family, learn the answer to that question the hard way.

Their good British upbringing introduces them to the extravagant and lusty widow Elsa Jean Krakowski (Maria Sapundzhieva). Their “friendship” begins on the deck of a cruise ship and continues on social networks.
Their relationship is like on water (from a distance), until one day Elsa invites herself to their home for a week… Too late, too irreversibly, they both learn a terrible truth about her. They are about to have a visit that will put them on a roller coaster of horrors!
But how can they refuse and protect everything they love from this danger without seeming a little uncouth?

“Unfriended” is the latest hit from London’s West End and steps onto a Bulgarian stage for the first time. The play takes a funny and satirical look at the disastrous drive of middle-class people in England to always appear nice, polite and well-mannered. The author is Stephen Moffat – an award-winning writer behind the legendary British series Doctor Who and Sherlock.

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