Monday, July 11, 2022

To recreate in images one of the symbols of the generation of the rebellion in Bulgaria is a challenging task that requires a special attitude – to the time that has mercilessly flown by of the universal dream of breaking the status quo, to the memories of the not so distant past when young people lived with an angry flame in their souls. The documentary, dedicated to the legendary Dimitar Voev, tells about his life and work – musician, poet and artist, an unforgettable personality in the informal cultural wave of the late 80s and early 90s in Bulgaria – the time of cardinal change, of breaking down walls, of true hope.

The narrative plot, constructed by director Bilyana Kirilova and Neda Milanova, based on an idea by Valeria Stoykova and Bilyana Kirilova, traces the years from Voev’s early work, through the culmination in the musical group “New Generation”, to his untimely death at the age of 27. The film reveals layers and insights of deep soulfulness, using little-known original lyrics by the musician, archives and moments from his personal life shared by those closest to him. The deep poetic metaphors well known to several generations, as well as Voev’s music, are a direct reflection of the “rebellion of the young” from the time of late socialist realism, portray the frantic quest for freedom and self-expression, and through their timelessness continue to live on today.

The film features the music of “New Generation”, “Kale”, “Votsek” and “Chugra”, and among the close people who recreate the image of Dimitar Voev with their memories are Svetoslava Voeva, Pavel Voev, Simeon Voev, Neli Nedeva-Voeva, Magadalena Voeva, Dimitra Voeva, Neo Kutsinov, Christian Kostov, Mihail Peshev, Vasil Gyurov, Alina Tringova, Ekaterina Atanasova, Peter Milanov, Pencho Popov, Dimitar Popov, Rosen Daskalov. The voice behind the frame interpreting Voev’s texts is Ivan Moskov. The director of photography is Teodor Fichev, the director of editing is Emil Granicharov, the producer of the film is Valeria Stoykova, the realization is the work of MatchPoint Productions.

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