Tuesday, September 13, 2022

ATTENTION! Can something go wrong before the wedding? Will there be a wedding or not? Come find out!

Directed by Nikolay Gunderov
Starring Philip Avramov, Maya Bezhanska, Tony Minasyan, Iliyana Lazarova, Hristina Djurova

“Minutes to the wedding! If only there was a way to turn back time, because everything is upside down, therefore – feet up. There’s a real bomb ticking under Bill’s marital bed with an incendiary mixture of convoluted situations, surprising twists, unexpected events and explosive humour. Which of all the characters will ignite the spark first? Bill, who, along with his bachelor life, can also part with his real one? Rachel, who may go from permanent wife to temporary one? Tom, whose girlfriend is “here” instead of “there”? Or the maid Julie, who everyone mistakes for a call girl?

If you take up the wedding invitation and come with friends, husbands or fiancés-to-be to one of Britain’s longest-running comedies, check out every corner of the hotel room author Robin Howden has gathered them in. A misstep could lead to a divorce case, or to… deafening laughter.

Sofia Summer Fest is supported by Sofia Municipality, Ministry of Culture, National Culture Fund, Triaditsa District, Lenovo, Bulgarian Sports Totalizator, Pepsi, Dolce Gusto,, Vivacom and Birotherapy.

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