Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Another cinema night at Sofia Summer Fest. Come on August 24 to see the film “Wildlings” at 7 pm and “In the Heart of the Machine” at 9 pm.


“Wildlings” – BGN 14

“In the Heart of the Machine” – BGN 14

Both screenings – BGN 20


The story of two women who dreamed of living their lives to the fullest, but coincidentally lost their dreams. One day they wake up and tell themselves that this will not last… Two strong girls who in this man’s world dare to assert themselves.

Director: Martin Makariev
In the roles: Luiza Grigorova, Yana Marinova, Basil Eidenbenz, Ben Cross, Alexander Sano, Yavor Baharov, Kalin Vrachanski, Assen Blatechki, Daria Simeonova, Dimo Alexiev
Screenwriter: Boris Zahariev
Producers: Alexander Sano, Yana Marinova
Music: Mihail Dichev
Cinematography: Andrei Andreev

In The Heart Of The Machine

August 1978, Kremikovtzi steel mill. Heat, metal, dust and smell of machine oil. Another working day begins for a brigade of prisoners with heavy sentences. It will be a fateful day for them. In one of the machines they find something that doesn’t belong there, and an unexpected impulse of mercy forces them to barricade themselves in the factory and take hostages.

Men knowingly risk their lives because sometimes the desire to be human is stronger than the instinct for self-preservation, and the dream of redemption clouds common sense.

The central role is given to Alexander Sano, who was nominated for the main alongside Jason Sudeikis. In an all-male cast predetermined by the plot, we will also enjoy established names such as Hristo Shopov, Julian Vergov, Ivaylo Hristov, Hristo Petkov, Stoyan Doychev, Vladimir Zombori, Bashar Rahal and Valeri
Yordanov, as well as Macedonian star Igor Angelov.

Directed by Martin Makariev

Screenplay by Borislav Zahariev

Cinematography by Andrei Andreev

Music by Victor Stoyanov

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