Summer academy for children during SOFIA SUMMER FEST

Summer camp will be held in July and August for children from 6 to 11 years within the Summer Festival of Sofia

This year is coming the third edition of Sofia Summer Fest.  The festival will take place from July 1 to September 30 at the familiar location in South Park II, behind the building of the Earth and Man National Museum. In addition to the diverse cultural program, this year there will be organized the first of its kind open-air Summer Academy, which will be held on the territory of the festival in partnership with MindHub.

“From the very beginning, our focus has been on children and we want to give them the opportunity to attend outdoor cultural events. The summer academy is a natural development of our activities. The observations over the last two years show that there are many children who don’t go to the countryside or don’t have grandparents to look after them in the summer. It is for them that we organize this academy, which in addition to the interesting things that our MindHub partners organize, will also have the unique chance to witness the creation of the festival. They will see how the artists prepare for the performance, they will hear the sound check of musicians and many others “, shares Borislav Chuchkov, program director of Sofia Summer Fest.

“This will be the first open-air summer STEM academy of its kind. Through the STEM methodology students take part in experiments, they are encouraged to share their ideas and contribute to the development of group projects aimed at exploring the world around them. This allows children to understand the connections between the subjects they study in school. Answer questions like, “Why do I need this knowledge?”, “Where will I use what I study?”. Our program until noon includes 9 independent thematic weeks, each dedicated to game programming, interactive storytelling and robot behavior programming, and in the afternoon children will have fun and gain new knowledge in thematic weekly educational workshops, based on STEM training and will play logic games. Of course, we also took time for sports and a well-deserved free time at the end of the day “, shares Teodora Parvova, from MindHub.

Registration form and a detailed program can be found here.

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1421 Sofia, Cherni Vrah Blvd. № 4, behind the building of the Earth and Man National Museum

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